Smirkling Camp@Home

Join Mama Bear (Camp Director William Forchion), Head Coach Doug Stewart, Assistant Camp Director Amira Silverman and more of your Smirkus Camp friends for a virtual camp experience – Smirkus style!

We'll send you a camp package with everything you'll need for a full weekend of circus at home, including a camp t-shirt, camp journal, popcorn and a movie for movie night, juggling scarves, flower sticks, a spinning plate, juggling balls, and more ($100 value).

Then, log into the online campsite on June 13 and 14 for two full days, chock full of circus adventure:

10 AM: Wake Up Your Body Warm Up (45 minutes)

11 AM: Clowning Around: Intro to Clowning (45 minutes)


1 PM: Choose Your Own Circus!

  • 1–1:45: Scarf Juggling OR Plate Spinning
  • 2–2:45: Flower Sticks OR Juggling Games
  • 3–3:45: Feather Balancing OR Dance Class

4 PM: Smirkus Games


6 PM: Arts & Crafts

7 PM: Storytime (Saturday) or Movie Night (Sunday)

You'll receive an email confirmation letting you know everything you need for camp. We'll send the package out the week before camp starts.