Session: Uke 101 with Joel Jeske

Smirkus Coach Joel Jeske takes you on a wonderful journey of learning and music with his session “Intro to Ukulele”. The ukulele is an iconic musical instrument in the world of variety and circus. It sounds great, packs small, and is easy to learn. Whether you are a beginner wanting to add a musical instrument to your repertoire or a current uke player who would like to join in on the fun, UKE 101 is a great way to spend some time making music together. Who knows? You might learn something too.


Joel Jeske first learned the ukulele on while touring on the road with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. His love of the songs of Tin Pan Alley were a perfect fit for this iconic musical instrument of Vaudeville. His years playing uke have served him well not only as a solo performer but also has allowed him to be a part of such unknown jazz bands as The Baltic Street Blowhards, and Grampa Ritz and the Crackers. Like ex-Beatle George Harrison, Joel always carries two ukes with him on the road so he will always have someone to share the music.


Equipment Needed: One Ukulele