Improvisation 101 with Joel Jeske

Want to learn to improvise? Many performers from theater to circus rely on the ability to improvise to add a does of comedy and keep performances fresh. Smirkus Coach Joel Jeske introduces a improv workshop based on the teachings of improv guru Del Close, creator of The Harold and Long Form Improvisation. Using the fundamental concept of “Yes, and…”, The workshop will cultivate group mind, develop scene work, help you find your individual voice, and discover the truth in all comedy.

Joel Jeske got his start in the improv world of Chicago, Illinois; home to the world famous Second City and Improv Olympic. He has toured nationally with Second City as well as taught and performed at New York improv institutions: The People’s Improv Theater and the Upright Citizens Bridgade. The improv techniques he has cultivated over the years he believes are a vital foundation to all performers.

For ages: 12 years and up.

This event is no longer on sale.